Publishing Matters delivers results for publishing companies requiring outsourced skills. We specialise in generating print and online advertising as well as sponsorship sales revenue. We create dedicated teams to work on your specific business objective.

Publishing Matters was established in 2005 by Charlotte Hollingshead and has worked with all sizes of companies in the UK and overseas.  
Our range of clients have included dedicated publishing companies as well as other organisations with a specialist publishing division.

Once we have identified the specific publishing challenge, we can build a dedicated team with the relevant experience to deliver results and help to achieve business objectives, cost effectively and on time.

Some challenges that Publishing Matters can help resolve include:

  • Advertising sales – Classified, or special supplements in print and online
  • Sponsorship sales – Identifying and selling to sponsors for events and conferences
  • Pre-launch planning – Research the market and engage key clients at an early stage
  • Short term freelance cover– Providing cover for roles in a short/medium term capacity
  • Sales training – Quality sales training that can be measured by results
  • Event organisation – Speaker and sponsor recruitment
  • Publishing Advisory – Your existing team would like to test their strategy on the market, or an outsider with relevant experience